What is Dingbats*?

Dingbats* is an eco-friendly brand of stationery developed in a masterful consideration of materials and design. Our notebooks are hand-made with personality represented by minimalistic ornamental motifs with sound environmental credentials including the mark of the Forest Stewardship Council. All materials used are degradable, vegan and recyclable.

Our notebooks can be used as an executive notebook, bullet journal, writing pad/diary, notepad, and sketchbook. Whether you are an artist, designer, fountain-pen enthusiast, bullet journalist, business person, student or literally anyone else, a notebook should always be your companion for jotting down what's on your mind.

Tip: Dingbats* is in both singular and plural form. In context, you can say: I carry a Dingbats* notebook as well as I carry Dingbats* notebooks. 

Our Vision:

We see a future in which humans live in harmony with nature and communities committed to protect wildlife, fresh waters, forests and oceans. Join us in the promotion of a green digital age whilst serving your craftsmanship, artistry and ingenious self.

Environmental Credentials:

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Dingbats* are produced by the oldest established company in Lebanon, Société Kamel Bekdache et Fils SAL (SKB). SKB is a privately held family business established in 1800 reaching its fifth generation. It is the first company in the entire region to attain both the ISO 9001:2020 and FSC® (FSC-C105099) qualifications, trading and converting high quality paper and board, while serving 1130 clients located in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Since 2011, SKB began manufacturing notebooks and is now the proud manufacturer of Dingbats*.

Message from the Founder:

“My great great grandfather established one of the first paper shops in Lebanon in the early 19th century, trading high quality paper more or less continuously from then until the present day. I passionately believe that there’s still a place for this most traditional of materials in today’s high speed, digital world. Sometimes you need something that’s more tactile – more personal. Our wide range of Dingbats* Notebooks lets you choose the design, material and colour that reflects your own personality.” – Jamal Bekdache

Affiliate Companies

  • Société Kamel Bekdache et Fils SAL (SKB) - Paper and Board Specialist 
  • Bekdache Printing and Media Supplies -  Traditional and Digital Fine arts supplies / Digital Media