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Writing therapy

Writing therapy and its benefits | Explore tips & prompts for therapeutic writing | Dingbats* Notebooks

In the hustle of daily life, finding a sanctuary for your thoughts becomes crucial if one wants to have a positive approach towards life. Writing therapy, also known as journal therapy, is a practi...

Bullet JournalingJournaling as a gateway to flow state

The Science Behind Flow State | Achieving Optimal Performance with Dingbats*

Flow state, often described as being “in the zone,” is a psychological phenomenon where individuals become completely absorbed in an activity, losing track of time and distractions. ...

Bullet JournalingA young lady writing in a Dingbats* journal

А Guide for Student and Teacher Bullet Journal

In the hustle and bustle of a school year, both students and teachers are often faced with the challenge of staying organized and managing tasks efficiently. Enter the Bullet Journal, or BuJo for s...

Bullet JournalingShort on Bullet Journaling ideas. Read on to draw inspiration.

Creative Bullet Journal Ideas and Inspiration

Maintaining a personal life bullet journal is a great tool to customize and personalize your own planner, and mark your weekly spread and a to-do list all in one. And when it comes to enhancing you...

Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

How to: Start a travel bullet journal | Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas for your next adventure

Discover creative travel bullet journal ideas to plan and document your adventures in style. From essential spreads to artistic touches and thematic journaling, this article will help y...

Bullet Journaling Are you contemplating how to improve your productivity?

Bullet journaling tips & hacks for increased productivity

In this article, we will explore tried-and-true bullet journal (BuJo) tips and hacks that are effective and can truly transform the way you use your bullet journal. Whether you’re a seasoned bullet...